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Conditions are used in a number of places in the editor to tell the game when certain things should happen, and whether certain events or effects should be applied. Conditions are simply a list of one or more logical statements that specify the circumstances under which the associated editor item should be valid or take effect. In the case that a list of conditions evaluates to be false, the effect or event it is attached to will not happen.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Condition Editor.png

  • <<:
  • >>:
  • New:

Condition Item Editor[edit | edit source]

Condition Item Editor.png

  • Run on:
    • Swap Subject and Target:
  • Condition Function:
  • Parameters:
    • Use Aliases:
    • Use Pack data:
  • Comparison:
    • OR:
  • Value:
    • Use Global:


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