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Attempts attach the specified script to the target reference and, if specified, runs the specified function on it which accepts no parameters. If the script cannot be attached to the specified reference (wrong type or unknown script) the command will be ignored.

Syntax[edit | edit source]

<reference>.AttachPapyrusScript <script> (<function>)
<reference>.APS <script> (<function>)

Parameters[edit | edit source]

  • Reference: The reference to attach the script to
  • Script: The script to attach. Because this console command is called on a reference, this script should extend ObjectReference, or Actor if you are attaching it to an Actor.
  • Function: (optional) The function to call on the newly attached script. This function should not take any parameters.

Examples[edit | edit source]

MyReference.APS MyTestScript
MyReference.APS MyTestScript RunMe