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Welcome to the Creation Kit Editor Reference

This portion of the wiki exists as a living reference for the various tools, concepts and objects in the Creation Kit. Here you will find topics covering the various forms, dialogs, and options you will encounter while using the Creation Kit. If you're not sure how to use an Activator, how to change the contents of a Container, or what the Object Window is, then this category is a good place to look. Unlike the Tutorial hub, you may notice that this page doesn't contain a lot of links or direction. That's because this section of the wiki is more of an encyclopedia - it exists as a reference for when you aren't sure how something works or need more information.

As with all of the Creation Kit Wiki, your contributions are valuable. If you find a page that is missing or inaccurate, please update it if you have the knowledge, or flag it for moderators by making a note on the discussion page.

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