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The Object Palette Window utilizes the Creation Kit's Object Palette system to store collections Objects you may place in the Render Window. These Object Palettes are commonly referred to as an OPAL. Once an OPAL is created, it acts as a favorites list you can use to quickly find, view, and place Objects in your levels.

An OPAL doesnt let you accomplish anything you couldn't do otherwise. Other commonly used methods of placing clutter are to duplicate & swap items in the Render Window or drag & drop items from the Object Window to the Render Window. Using the Object Palette system is a matter of personal preference. Some people use OPALs extensively, and some people never use them at all. Using an OPAL tends to work best for small sets of clutter that will be used repeatedly, like Furniture, rubble, and shelf junk. They don't work well for large collections of pieces, or for tasks where you may use any given piece only a few times such as your initial level layout.

The window can be found under the title bar menu, World -> Object Palette Editing.

Editor Window[edit | edit source]

  • Palette Objects:

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