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Papyrus: Furniture Script, ObjectReference Script

All furniture objects can be used by actors. In general, this means objects like chairs and beds.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Furniture Editor.png

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Name: The object's name as it will appear within the game world and user interface menus.
  • Model: The 3D Model File that will be used for this object.
    • Edit: Chooses the model.
  • Marker Model: In the Creation Kit, this model will be displayed in place of the default models used to indicate furniture markers.
    • Edit: Chooses the model.
  • Add Destruction Data: Allows you to configure the objects destruction data with the Destructible Object Data editor.
  • Flags
    • Random Anim Start: If checked, this object kicks off its idle animation at a random start time. This is so you can put a couple of the same animated activators in a scene and they won't be animating in synch.
    • Child Can Use: Can be used by child NPCs.
    • Is Marker: Determines whether or not the 3D for the object is loaded in game.
    • Disables Activation:
    • Use Static Avoid Node:
    • Must Exit To Talk: NPC cannot talk from this object and will leave it when greeted by player.
    • Is Perch: Can be used as a perch marker for dragons.
    • Ignored By Sandbox: NPCs on sandbox packages will not use this furniture.
    • Play Anim When Full:
    • Allow Awake Sound:
  • Workbench Data
    • Bench Type: The type of crafting menu to open.
    • Uses Skill: The type of skill used in the crafting. This property is depreciated, obsolete, or does not appear to be used by the game.
  • Native Terminal:
  • Active Markers
    • Marker:
    • Marker Keyword:
    • Marker Position/Orientation
      • X:
      • Y:
      • Z:
      • Rot:
    • Marker Available Entry Types
      • Front:
      • Rear:
      • Right:
      • Left:
      • Other:
  • Mod Data
    • Attach Parent Slots:
    • Collect From 3D:
    • Object Template:
  • Scripts: Papyrus scripts may be added, removed, and their properties edited.
    • Add: Adds a papyrus script to this object.
    • Remove: Removes the selected papyrus script from this object.
    • Properties: Shows the papyrus property editor for the selected script.
  • Interaction Conditions: The Conditions must be met.
  • Idles:
    • Anim Event:
    • Enter With Weapon Drawn:
  • Keywords: A list of Keywords that signal information to other Game Systems.
  • Actor Values
  • Has Container:
  • Associated Form:
  • Drinking Water Type:
  • Forced Loc Ref Type:
  • Activate Text Override:
  • Preview Transform: A Transform applies positioning to a Model File. These may be used when previewing objects within the Creation Kit or in-game user interface menus.

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