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Papyrus: Activator Script

An activator is an object that can be used (or activated) by an Actor or another activator.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Activator Editor.png

  • ID: The editor ID which is used by the Creation Kit.
  • Name: The name as it will appear in-game.
  • Model: The 3D model used by this object.
  • Sounds
    • Activate:
    • Looping:
  • NavMesh Generation Import Option
    • Collision Geometry:
    • Bounding Box:
    • Filter:
    • Ground:
  • Forced Loc Ref Type:
  • Activate Text Override:
  • Water Type: The WaterType this activator should use.
    • No Displacement:
  • Add Destruction Data:
  • Keywords: A list of keywords that signal information to other game systems.
  • Flags
    • Dangerous:
    • Obstacle:
    • On Local Map:
    • Non Occlurder:
    • Never Fades:
    • Is Marker: The activator will behave as a marker, thus wont render in game.
    • Heading Marker:
    • Headtrack Marker:
    • Random Anim Start:
    • Used As Platform:
    • Ignore Object Interaction:
    • Ignored By Sandbox:
    • Child Can Use:
    • Must Update Anims:
    • Pack-In Use Only:
  • Default Primitive Color:
  • Interaction Conditions: Specify conditions for which object(s) can and cannot activate/trigger this activator/trigger.
    • <<:
    • >>:
    • New:
  • Native Terminal: When used with most security doors, this is the terminal that displays the unlocking/locking/open/closing options.
  • Actor Values:
    • Actor Value:
    • Amount:
  • Papyrus Scripts: A list of Papyrus scripts attached to this object.
    • Add: Adds a papyrus script to this object.
    • Remove: Removes the selected papyrus script from this object.
    • Properties: Shows the papyrus property editor for the selected script.
  • Radio Receiver Data:
    • Is A Radio:
      • Starts Active:
      • No Signal Static:
      • Frequency:
      • Volume:
      • Output Model Override:
  • Preview Transform:

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