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Type: COBJ
Papyrus: ConstructibleObject Script

This form allows you to define the requirements for crafting items in-game. The Constructible Object object is found within the Object Window under the Items Category.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Constructible Object Editor.PNG

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Workbench Keyword: Which Workbench this object should show up at. For example: WorkbenchChemLab to make it show up at the chemistry station for crafting. See Notes.
  • Pickup Sound: The Sound Descriptor played when the object is picked up.
  • Putdown Sound: The Sound Descriptor played when the object is dropped.
  • Menu Art Object:
  • Created Object: The object you are crafting.
  • Created Object Count: How many objects this recipe yields.
  • Priority: Controls the order that this object will appear in the menus. Zero is the highest priority. COBJs with the same priority will be ordered alphabetically.
  • Recipe Filters: Keywords which define what category something belongs in. For example RecipeUtility will on an object crafted at WorkbenchChemLab will make this show up in the Utility category at the chemistry station.
  • Required Item List: Items that you must have in your working inventory in order to craft this. They will be consumed from the workbench first, then the player inventory. Right click, then select 'new' to add lines.
  • Description: The object's description as it will appear within user interface menus.
  • Match Conditions: The Conditions must be met. When the conditions are met the object may be crafted at a Workbench.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Workbench Keyword does not appear to be used for Object Mods, just for creating new items. For mods, what items and what Workbenches they show up at seem to be defined by the series of Keywords that define Attach Points and Mod Associations that are attached to various objects and their Object Mods.

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