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Papyrus: Door Script

There are two uses for Doors: they can define objects that open and close, but have few other behaviors; and objects that take you to another cell via a loading screen. In practice, most Doors are, well, doors!, but Door forms can also be used for display cases that open up (as in Skyrim), ladders (as in both games), cave entrances, and more.

Doors themselves aren't set up to take you to a specific location. The difference between a normal Door and a load Door is cosmetic: the load door has a solid black or white backing, so you can't see out of a level when you open it. When you want to make a door that takes you someplace, you do so by placing both ends in the editor, and then modifying both of those references to link them together.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Door Editor.png

  • ID: The editor ID that this form uses in the Creation Kit.
  • Name: The name shown when the player aims at the door, if it has collision data.
  • Model: The 3D model used by this door.
  • Add Destruction Data:
  • Open: The sound that plays when the door is opened.
  • Close: The sound that plays when the door is closed.
  • Loop:
  • Flags
    • Random Anim Start:
    • Sliding Door:
    • Automatic Door: If a load door uses this option, it will automatically send the player somewhere when the player collides with it.
    • Is Marker: Whether this reference is a marker that shouldn't be rendered in-game.
    • Hidden:
    • Minimal Use: If checked, NPCs will go out of their way to avoid using this door when pathing.
    • Do Not Open in Combat Search: If checked, NPCs will not open this door when searching for hostiles.
    • Non Occluder: If checked, the graphics engine will not treat this door as a line-of-sight blocker. This is useful for doors with holes or windows in them.
    • No "To" Text: If checked, this door will not display its destination when aimed at.
  • Native Terminal:
  • Alternate Text
    • Open: This text replaces the "Open" prompt.
    • Close: This text replaces the "Close" prompt.
  • Randomly Teleports to These Interiors/Worldspaces Only:
  • Keywords: A list of keywords that signal information to other game systems.
  • Papyrus Scripts: A list of Papyrus scripts attached to references. These should extend ObjectReference, not Door.

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