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Papyrus: Package Script

Packages are the main way in which you can control an Actor's behavior. Each Package represents a behavior that the Actor will perform under certain conditions.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Package Editor.png

  • ID: The editor ID which is used by the Creation Kit.
  • Package Type: Whether this form represents a Package or a Package Template.
  • Owner Quest: The quest this Package is associated with, if any.
    • Only one Quest may be associated with each Package.
    • Associating a Quest with a Package allows you to use the Quest's Aliases as data inputs for the package. Note that you can always reference data from the Quest in Conditions.
  • Combat Style: The Combat Style the Actor should use while this package is active.
  • Interrupt Override: If this package is an Interrupt Override, the type of override it is. Note that failing to set this field, then using the package as an override anyway may cause a crash.
  • Package Template: The Template this package inherits its Procedure Tree from.
  • Public Package Data: A list of data inputs exposed by the Package Template. For each, you can specify a new value in the Selected Package Data box on the right.
  • Procedure Tree: The Procedure Tree from the Package Template, for reference.

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