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Type: MATO
Papyrus: None

The Material Object object is found within the Object Window under the Miscellaneous Category.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Material Object Editor.png

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Model: The 3D Model File that will be used when this object is placed in the game world.
  • View Property Data:
  • Single Pass (Faster but less detail):
  • Directional Material Data
    • Directional Projection Vector
      • X:
      • Y:
      • Z:
    • Falloff Scale:
    • Falloff Bias:
    • Noise UV Scale:
    • Material UV Scale:
    • Normal Dampener:
    • Single Pass Color:
      • R:
      • G:
      • B:

Property Data[edit | edit source]

Material Object Property Data Editor.png

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