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Type: LVLI
Papyrus: LeveledItem Script

A Leveled Item is a list that will generate one or more items based on the current level of the player. Leveled Item objects cannot be placed in the world directly. To use them, add them to a Container, or use the LeveledItem tab on an item reference to replace the reference with the item generated by the leveled list. Dummy objects are most often used for this purpose. The LeveledItem object is found within the Object Window under the Items Category.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

LeveledItem Editor.png

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Override Name:
  • Chance None: The chance of getting nothing. The remaining percentage is distributed between the list items.
    • Use Global: Allows a Global variable to be used. This allows multiple leveled item lists to be tuned with a single value.
  • Epic Loot Chance: The global variable that indicates the chance of getting an epic item
  • Form Editor ID List List items can be added, deleted, copied or pasted by right-clicking in this list.
  • Filter Filters the Object drop-down
  • Object Used to change the item currently selected in the form list. New items always default to the first form ID (10mm) and must be updated using this drop-down.

Preview Dialog[edit | edit source]

LeveledItem Editor Preview.png

  • Radios
    • Items:
    • Keywords:
    • Mods:
    • Tiered Mods:
    • Components:
  • Filter The text to search for.

Notation[edit | edit source]

  • LL Leveled List
  • LLC Leveled List Container
  • LLD Leveled List Death
  • LLE Leveled List Equipment
  • LLG Leveled List Gun
  • LLI Leveled List Item
  • LLM Leveled List Mod (bench mods)
  • LLS Leveled List Set ??
  • LLW Leveled List Weapon
  • RE Random Encounter ??
  • RR Railroad
  • VL Vender List
  • VLL Vender Leveled List

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