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Papyrus: MovableStatic Script

MovableStatics are static objects that are subject to Havok physics. This means that they can be moved around by the player with the grab button and will be affected by weapons and explosives. This category also contains some animated objects which are usually prefixed with "FX." They play a single continuous animation, usually a water spray, flames, smoke or something similar.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

MovableStatic Editor.png

  • ID: The editor ID that this form uses in the Creation Kit.
  • Name:
  • Model: The 3D model file used by this MovableStatic.
  • Add Destruction Data:
  • Looping Sound:
  • Flags:
    • Has Currents:
    • Pack-In Use Only:
    • Obstacle: Whether the game should check these references for NAVCUT data and apply it.
    • Must Update Anims:
    • Random Anim Start:
    • On Local Map: Whether references show up on a cell's local map.
    • Used As Platform:
  • Papyrus Scripts: Papyrus scripts that will be attached to references. These should extend ObjectReference, not MovableStatic.
  • NavMesh Generation Import Option: Controls how the Creation Kit will handle this object when automatically generating navmeshes.
    • Collision Geometry: The Creation Kit will prevent the navmesh from intersecting this object's collision geometry.
    • Bounding Box: The Creation Kit will prevent the navmesh from intersecting this object's bounding box.
    • Filter: The Creation Kit will ignore this object, and allow the navmesh to intersect it.
    • Ground: The Creation Kit will treat this object as ground, and wrap the navmesh over it.
  • Keywords: A list of keywords that signal information to other game systems.
  • Actor Values:

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