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The Version Control Window allows the Creation Kit to merge Data Files with Version Control. The window can be found on the toolbar by clicking the version control (Version Control Icon.png) icon.

Editor Window[edit | edit source]

File:Version Control Window.png

  • Master File Forms:
    • Cancel My Check In:
    • Select All:
    • Check In:
    • Check Out:
    • Undo Check Out:
    • Remove Forms From Current ESM on Check In:
    • List
      • Form ID: The numeric descriptor for the form record.
      • Deleted: A D indicates a plugin has deleted the form record.
      • Editor ID: A string descriptor for the form record.
      • Type: A four character string descriptor of the form type.
      • File:
      • Current User:
      • Last User:
      • Date:
      • Right-Click Use Info:
      • Right-Click Edit:
    • View
      • Altered:
      • My Owned:
      • All Checked Out:
      • All:
  • Papyrus Scripts
    • Select All:
    • Check In:
    • Undo Check Out:
  • Additional Data Files That Need Updating:
    • Update:

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