Collision Layer

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Type: COLL
Papyrus: None

A Collision Layer is a geometric primitive which represents the games types of collision and their interactions. The Collision Layer object is found within the Object Window under the Miscellaneous Category.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Collision Layer Editor.png

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Name: The object's name as it will appear within the game world and user interface menus.
  • Description: The object's description as it will appear within user interface menus.
  • Debug Color: The default color used for this object. This affects the collision primitive's color.
    • R: The colors red channel is represented by a number between 0 and 255.
    • G: The colors green channel is represented by a number between 0 and 255.
    • B: The colors blue channel is represented by a number between 0 and 255.
  • Collides with...: The collision layers which will obstruct this Collision Layer.
  • Available Layers: The available collision layers this Collision Layer may collide with.
  • <-- Add: Adds a collision layer to Collides with....
  • Remove -->: Removes a collision layer from Collides with....
  • Sensor:
  • Trigger Volume: Whether this Collision Layer's primitive should act as a Trigger Volume. A Trigger Volume will invoke Papyrus events such as OnTriggerEnter and OnTriggerLeave.
  • Navmesh Obstacle: Whether this Collision Layer should dynamically cut NavMesh. Used only for specific collision layers such as L_NAVCUT.

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