Material Swap

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Type: MSWP
Papyrus: MatSwap Script

Material Swaps can be used to retexture and recolor armor, scenery, and other forms. One particularly memorable use is changing the numbers on Vault suits. Note that Material Swaps don't do anything just by existing; a form must actually use them.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Material Swap Editor.png

  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Tree Folder:
  • Material Substitutions: A list of the materials that will be swapped for some target mesh. Each offers the following options when selected:
    • Original: The name of a materials file referenced by a tri-shape in the mesh (NIF) that is to be overridden. A wildcard (*) can be used to replaced multiple textures at once.
    • Replacement: The new materials file to be applied in place of the original.
    • Color Remapping Index:

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