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WARNING: This is a direct copy/paste from the Skyrim page. Verification is needed.

The Creation Kit Keyboard Mapping is used when working in the Render Window.

Keyboard mapping for Navmesh editing can be found in the Navmesh Cheat Sheet.


Function Key Notes
Anchor the camera SHIFT+F Anchors camera based on current selection
Clear selection D Clears current selection (deselect)
Copy selection CTRL+C Copies current selection
Create a multibound reference CTRL+B Creates a multibound box encasing the currently selected object
Cut selection CTRL+X Cuts current selection (CTRL+V pastes what was cut)
Cycle camera view Y Cycles through the different camera views
Cycle the visibility of selected objects 1 Cycles the currently selected object between normal, transparent, hidden
Delete selection DELETE Deletes current selection
Drop camera ALT+Z Drops the camera to the bottom of the currently selected object
Drop selection to ground F Drops current selection to nearest collision
Duplicate selection CTRL+D Duplicates selection and automatically selects the duplication
Edit landscape H Opens the landscaping editor
Edit navmesh CTRL+E Toggles Navmesh editing mode on/off
Enter rotation manipulation mode W Toggles the Rotation Gizmo on/off
Enter scale manipulation mode 2 Toggles the Scale Gizmo on/off
Enter selection manipulation mode R Hides all currently visible Gizmos
Enter translation manipulation mode E Toggles the Translation Gizmo on/off
Freeze the camera 3 Freezes camera and shows view frustrum
Link/break planes/rooms ALT+L Links/Breaks Link between two Occlusion Planes or two Room Markers
Load selected object's parent cell CTRL+L Centers on the currently selected object and force loads its cell
Move clipboard references CTRL+M Moves current selection, does not create a copy or duplication (same FormID)
Object palette SHIFT+O Opens Object Palette window
Paste clipboard contents CTRL+V Pastes clipboard contents
Paste clipboard contents in place CTRL+SHIFT+V Pastes clipboard contents in place
Picking preferences / Opens the Picking Preferences dialog
Place camera above selection T Top-down view of selection
Raise selection ALT+G Raises selection 3 units (on the z axis)
Redo CTRL+Y Redo last action
Refresh F5 Reloads the current cell
Reset rotation CTRL+K Resets current selection rotation to 0,0,0
Resnap references SHIFT+K Snaps current selection to current grid snap reference
Save CTRL+S Saves plugin
Scale a light's fade distance CTRL+ALT+S Dragging will increase/decrease a light's area of effect
Scale a light's depth bias ALT+B Dragging will increase/decrease a shadow light's depth bias
Scale a light's intensity CTRL+ALT+S Dragging will increase/decrease the intensity (brightness) of a light
Scale a reference S Hold down "S" and move mouse to scale reference.
Search and replace CTRL+F Opens the Search and Replace window
Show land borders B Toggle exterior cell boundaries on/off
Show scene graph F10 Opens Scene Graph window
Swap editor water CTRL+W Not supported
Toggle batch dialog - Opens the Batch Dialog window
Toggle bright lights A Toggles lights on/off
Toggle cell window loads ALT+A Toggles whether new exterior cells will automatically load whilst changing cell
Toggle collision geometry F4 Toggles collision geometry on/off
Toggle debug geometry 4 Toggles debug geometry mode on/off (useful for checking Room Markers and Portals
Toggle flycam ` Not Supported
Toggle fog CTRL+5 Toggles fog on/off
Toggle gizmo orientation G Toggles gizmo orientation between world and local
Toggle grass 8 Toggles grass on/off
Toggle grid = Not Supported
Toggle havok ALT+H Toggles havok simulation on/off
Toggle land culling SHIFT+L Toggles Land Culling on/off
Toggle light markers CTRL+I Toggles light markers on/off
Toggle light radius L Toggles light markers radii on/off
Toggle location snap Q Toggles Grid Snap on/off
Toggle markers M Toggles markers on/off
Toggle non-land culling SHIFT+C Hides all references (useful to check Room Markers and Portals)
Toggle occlusion planes U Toggles Occlusion Planes on/off
Toggle orthographic perspective 0 (zero) Toggles Orthographic Perspective on/off
Toggle picking against trees CTRL+T Toggles picking trees on/off (useful when working in areas with a lot of trees)
Toggle portal mode CTRL+P Toggles Portal Mode on/off (when on, only portals can be selected)
Toggle reference snap SHIFT+Q Brings up a crosshair and when a reference is selected, all other references will snap to that reference's orientation
Toggle rotation snap CTRL+Q Toggles Grid Rotate Snap on/off
Toggle selection culling CTRL+SHIFT+C Hides/Unhides current selection
Toggle shadows 5 Toggles shadows on/off
Toggle sky 6 Toggles Sky on/off
Toggle sound markers CTRL+N Toggles Sound Markers on/off
Toggle trees ALT+T Toggles Trees on/off
Toggle visibility of enable state children CTRL+1 Toggles culling of the selected reference's enable state children
Toggle visibility of enable state opposite children SHIFT+1 Toggles culling of the selected reference's enable state opposite children
Toggle water culling SHIFT+W Toggles water on/off
Toggle wireframe 7 Toggles wireframe on/off
Undo CTRL+Z Undo last action
Unhide all hidden objects ALT+1 Unhides all hidden references