Papyrus Manager Window

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The Papyrus Manager Window is used for working with Script Files which includes a search filter, compilation, and other useful scripting activities. The window can be found under the Creation Kit title bar menu, Gameplay -> Papyrus Script Manager.

Editor Window[edit | edit source]

Editor Papyrus Manager Window.png

  • Search Filter: Searches all script names for the given text. Supports namespaces and wildcard expressions such as default*onload.
  • Scripts: A collection of script entries that match the given search filter.

Context Menu[edit | edit source]

  • New...: Creates a new Script File.
  • Open in External Editor: Opens the Script File source in the specified Text Editor.
  • Copy to Source:
  • Compile:
  • Rename: Renames this Script File.
  • Refresh All:
  • Use Info:
  • Check Out:
  • Check In:
  • Undo Check Out:
  • Add Perforce:
  • Mark for Delete:
  • Create New Manager Window: Opens a separate Papyrus Manager Window.

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