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Type: HAZD
Papyrus: Hazard Script

The Hazard object is found within the Object Window under the SpecialEffect Category.

Editor Dialog[edit | edit source]

Hazard Editor.png
  • ID: The ID, also referred to as Editor ID, is used by the Creation Kit to uniquely identify this record within a Data File.
  • Name: The object's name as it will appear within the game world and user interface menus. This property is depreciated, obsolete, or does not appear to be used by the game.
  • Art File: The Model File file to be used.
  • Lifetime: Duration of the effect. If set to 0.0, the Hazard lasts indefinitely.
  • Limit (0=no limit): The maximum number of the Hazard that can be present at once. (When the limit is passed, hazards will be removed, with the oldest ones being removed first.)
  • Radius: This is the radius of the area of influence of the Hazard.
  • Target Interval: Interval in seconds between each Hazard effect's casting/activation, ie. setting to 5 will activate effects of Hazard once every 5 seconds. If the effect is a magic spell, this is the interval in seconds between each spell casted by the Hazard's effect. eg. if this value is set to 5 s. and the spell has a duration of 60 s., then the next cast will happen 65 s. after the current cast (5 s. after the current casted spell).
  • IS Radius: The radius within which the specified IS Mod is applied.
  • Light: A Light to attach to the Hazard.
  • Spell: The concentration spell to apply to any Actors within the Hazard's radius. Note: the "Caster" is always unaffected by the Hazard.
  • Sound: The Sound Descriptor to play.
  • IS Mod: The ImageSpace Modifier to use. This will be applied when the camera is within the IS Radius.
  • Impact Data Set: The ImpactDataSet to use.
  • Taber Effectiveness by Proximity:
  • Full Effect Radius:
  • Taper Weight:
  • Taper Curve:
  • Flags
    • Affects Player Only: Note: If the player cast the spell that the Hazard is attached to, then the Hazard will not affect the player even if this flag is set.
    • Inherit Duration From Spawn Spell: Causes the animated (loop) part of the associated Model File to loop for as long as defined in the spell / impact.
    • Inherit Radius From Spawn Spell:
    • Align to Impact Normal: Rotates the hazard such that its up-vector matches the impact normal; the hazard will align with the surface it is spawned against.
    • Drop to Ground: Causes the associated Model File to appear close to the ground upon impact.

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