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sTraceStatusOfQuest[edit source]

  • Default: Empty

This setting sets a Quest to track for script changes by form ID. The quest that this setting specifies will spit out a Papyrus stack trace to the log every time a Papyrus script tries to change something with it. For example, starting, stopping, setting a stage, or showing an objective.

This setting accepts a form ID (as visible in the editor, optionally prefixed with a 0x), an editor ID, or a plugin (with extension) followed by a comma and a form ID. Because of the way string ini settings work, do not have any comments on the same line as they will be treated as part of the value.


; Tracks the quest with a form ID of 000105FA
sTraceStatusOfQuest = 000105FA

; Tracks the quest with an editor ID of MQ101
sTraceStatusOfQuest = MQ101

; Tracks the quest with a form ID of 0100FB14 (ignoring the load index of 01) in the "CoolDLC" plugin.
sTraceStatusOfQuest = CoolDLC.esm, 0100FB14